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annnnnd i still haven’t sent out the zine

sorry kids, life’s been busy and i’ve been poor. but it’s still coming! also, have you checked it out already online?

yo, clubcld peeps!

to everyone who registered on or before july 15th, expect your copy of pub002 in the mail soon! i’m gonna be making copies in the next day or so here, and mailing them out as soon as they’ve all been printed.

and to everyone else who’s registered so far, keep your eyes peeled for pub003 next month!

When I was a kid I saw a television special my parents had videotaped that was all about computer animation.  I wish I could remember what the name of it was, because I wore that tape to powder from watching it so much.  To a four-year-old with a massive imagination it was the future, and it was rad.  I can’t think of a single more influential piece of media than those 30 minutes talking about computers that could retouch photos and videos, three-dimensional graphics that could make the unreal a reality, clips that I would later learn were bits of demo reels from Robert Abel and Associates, Pacific Data Images, etc., all played to tracks from artists like Art of Noise.

I just couldn’t get enough.  I hit up the local library and checked out every Mind’s Eye video cassette I could find, and more than once.  Then I saw TRON.  And then Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  And then I saw Reboot.  And then I saw Max Headroom.  And eventually I saw Blade Runner, Johnny Mnemonic, and The Lawnmower Man.  And I discovered William Gibson’s writings.  And then I played Starfox for SNES.  And DOOM.  And Descent.  And started reading up on DIY virtual reality, started programming super simple programs that’d make crazy vector graphic stuff.

I grew up at just the right time, I think.  Computers were just really starting to gear up right after the whole late 80’s silicon boom, and you had people taking what we consider by today’s standards to be embarrassingly simple hardware and doing just absolutely groundbreaking things with it.  And unlike today’s work with computer animation and video games, they weren’t striving for realism.  It was impractical to even think about it at the time, so they did what the computers were really good at doing, and it was unlike anything else.

So I guess you could say that the stuff I do is sort of a nostalgia trip for me, because I try to make things that emulate moments of that part of my childhood, those things that have stuck with me for years and years.  I can’t say that anything I’ve made thus far can come close to the quality of any of what I’ve mentioned above, but it’s something I’m striving for.  In here you’ll see basically a scrap selection of some bits and pieces of thoughts, snippets of rushed graphics and art I’ve made over the past month or so.  With any luck the next issue will be out in a month or so, and hopefully the work will improve in both quantity and quality.

So with all that background info, I hope you like what you see in here and that you look forward to the next issue, hopefully arriving around mid August.  Thanks for reading!


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